10 Things to do during Tropical Summers

Summer has begun officially and we, tropical Indians are not so fond of this season.Sun is very strong through out the day, atmosphere is humid and you feel exhausted and lethargic all the time. There is no intermediate spring season .It is straight away SUMMER.

Most of our days feels Bleh! and we tend to stick around inside the room with the A/C or the fan ON all the time. I am not even exaggerating a bit.It is the true reality of the Summers at the other side of the world.

You cannot just get away with it by spending your days indoors as it is a long 3 months summer.You need to find ways to tackle it.

So Here are the things you can do during the Tropical Summers to keep you active and make it interesting.

1.Summer cleaning– Go ahead with an ultimate cleaning as you can’t go out as frequently. De-clutter your wardrobe, kitchen and all of your space. Donate, sell and throw away the stuffs and make a good start with the life again. Be relaxed and productive at your clutter free space.

2.Eat Fresh– The fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables  are the major highlight during the summer. Grab all your favorite fruits and snack it all day long and get hydrated in the summer

3.Go Vegetarian for a week.- The meat products can generate more heat in the body. So it is better to control the intake of those and incorporate vegetables and greens in your meal. Visit your nearby farm market and grab all the organic vegetables and stick to a vegetarian diet at least for week and see the difference by yourself.

4.Join a craft class – It is the best time of the year to join some craft class and get expertise in something interesting than your daily monotonous work

5. Read books- Since most of the time is spend indoors, catch up on the books you were planning to read. Read what ever interest you. Be it a fiction, comic, travelogue, biography, recipe. Join a Book club near your place as well if possible.

6.Go camping/night trekking-Obviously, you cannot survive the 3 months indoors. It is a better option to plan some camping trips to the near by hill stations. It gives you a quick change from the harsh sun. Or the best idea is to go for nigh treks. It is an amazing activity and you don’t need to worry about the sun

7.Pamper yourself- What better time to pamper yourself. Get a spa appointment, do a full body massage, take a dip in the pool, apply your favourite clay face masks. Let your body relax well during this season.Also, its fun 😀

8.Movie Date– Plan on movie dates often if you are a movie lover. This way , you can get out of the house and you don’t get sweaty either. Best way of entertainment.

9.Indoor sports/ Games-It is your best companion during summers.  Head over to your club house and play some billiards with your group of friends, Table tennis  etc.So, if you are not a sports person, try the board/ card games.It is interesting and I am sure you will be addicted to it.You can enjoy it at the comfort of your home.

10.Create a playlist-Go ahead and prepare your ultimate playlist  of music which you can enjoy throughout the summers.

It comes to a great surprise to you, if you are reading this from a place where you look forward for summers every year.But we struggle hard to pass every day of the summer here.*SIGH*

The tropics know the pain. Now we have got it covered through this post.

How does the summer looks like at your place??

Have a great Summer!!!

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