30 before 30!!!

As my b’day is around the corners, I would like to make a list of things I wanted to do before I hit 30. I am turning 27 this Saturday. Time flies by so fast and there is so much thing to do.

I am not afraid of turning 30, rather I am very excited to be in a new phase of my life.I need some focus in my life as these days I spend most of the time on thinking of something or the other. So I thought this would be something that keep me busy and energetic.

So Here is the 30 things I would like to do before hitting that 30 milestone.

1.Get a tattoo.
2.Learn driving and buy a car.
3.Get a pet (DOG).
4.Take parents for a vacation.
5.Buy a camera and learn some photography.
6.Get married.
7.Move to a flat and live alone for 6 months/an year
8.Go on a night trek.Done. Went for a night trek  to Narayanagiri in Karnataka. It was the most beautiful experience to gaze at the sky from the top of the hill and sleep under sky and seeing the most beautiful sunrise
9.Learn a new language.
10.Play a paintball game with friends.
11.Join an NGO and involve in some charity work.
12.Stop using credit cards.-Done. Cleared all my outstanding credit and cancelled the card permanently. I am some one who is bad at managing credit card, so I decided to stop using it. 
13.Ride in those colorful Hot air balloon .
14.Run a Marathon.- Done. In August 2016, Ran a marathon of 3k organised by decathlon. I did not do very well in that ,but I enjoyed it though. It is just a start and many more marathon on the way.
15.Go snorkeling.

16.Learn some new hairstyles.
17.Become a self hosted blog. Done. Still figuring out how to work with it 😛
18.Travel to a new country.
19.Live in a tree house for a weekend.
20.Quit my corporate job and get a job which I love.
21.Start investing money wisely.
22.Do a juice cleanse.
23.Meet up with childhood friends.
24.Go to an adventure park and get into all that terrifying rides.
25.Watch a cricket match at the stadium.
26.Get a new smart phone and get rid of my blackberry one. Done. Got rid of my blackberry after long 4 years. Bought a new Xiaomi phone. I have started getting used to android finally!!!
27.Have family photos done.– Done. This is done. I still have to get it framed to hang on wall at my parent’s house
28.Take vineyard tour and do grape stomping.
29.Experience the snow fall at some part of the world.
30.Have a fun 30th birthday party with my closed ones.

I would keep a track of this list and will update here as soon as I accomplish something. 😀

So what is in your list for the next three years?

6 thoughts on “30 before 30!!!

  1. ha! 3 years from now I’ll be 29, well there are a lot of things that I want to do just like you. hey, seriously #3? 🙂 you better have one. dogs are stress reliever

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