4 ways to save your skin and Hair During Holi

Holi, the festival of colors is  right around the corner and I am sure everyone is very much excited about it.

As much as it is exciting, it is always a nightmare for your skin and hair during this time of the year. After so much fun with colors and water, the hair and skin suffers the most and it takes ages to get a recovery from the damage.

Over the years, I have tried some ways to protect the skin and hair while enjoying the day with colors.  Most of those tricks worked really well for me to control the damage.

So I decided  to share it as it might help you get drenched in colors without worrying about your skin.

Go Herbal and organic- When it comes to colors, many of us go ahead and get any random brands which is available in the shop. These might be the artificial colors which are very dangerous to our skin and hair.

So be very specific while choosing your colors. Look out for brands which make herbal colors which are less harmful to your skin. This is very important to safe guard your skin from any irritations.

Choose the simple comfortable outfit– Pick a light cotton outfit and make sure that you choose something which covers the entire body so that it is less exposed to the color. Avoid wearing denims. Ditch all your jewelry for this one day to prevent any reaction on contact with colors. Tie up your hair in a bun or a braid to protect it. Wear a Bandana over your head to look more stylish, which again, protect your hair.

Go minimal with the makeup– Stick to minimal make up or no makeup. Allow the skin to breathe.Also cut your long nails to prevent any color deposit under the nails.  Apply two -three coats of dark nail paint to avoid colors stick to your nails and damage it. Apply lip balm to protect your lips.

Oil it up – Dry skin is not best friend during Holi. It creates more damage while playing with colors and it is difficult to remove the colors easily. Oil your  skin and hair with any oil of your choice. If you are not so sure about putting oil on the skin, apply moisturizing lotion generously on to the entire body. Do not skip  on your sunscreen as you will be spending the entire day  under sun and you don’t want to get a severe sun burn.

Hope you get some idea from this to enjoy the Holi without harming your skin and Hair. If you have any other tips , share it in the comment section.

Wishing everyone a happy and colorful Holi.

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