A day with the wild- Mysore Zoo!!!

This was a post pending from  a very long time. I lost some of the pics taken there.Today, somehow I recovered it from my hard drive and finally I am sitting down to write and share it you people.

Mysore Zoo is one of the largest zoo I have ever visited.It is located in the heart of the city.It is well maintained and clean zoo unlike the other ones I have visited.

It has a wide variety of different species which even include some of the endangered species of animals.The zoo is very well landscaped with fresh ornamental plants.

The best thing about Mysore zoo is that, it tried to replicate a natural habitat for the animals. This, in turn help them being more healthy as they they have more space to walk and run around.

It was a fun day and felt like spending a day in the wild.

The ticket charges are Rs 50 for adults Rs 20 for children. It may vary slightly on weekends and Govt. holidays.

Things to remember:

  • Since the Zoo is spread across a large area, there is so much walking to do.
  • Carry water and snacks with you so that you wont get exhausted in between.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and a good pair of shoes.
  • Do not try to feed the animals and use dustbin for the wastes

It is a must place to visit in Mysore if you are a wildlife enthusiast. So, do not miss this when you are there next time.

Also, U can adopt animals in the  zoo 🙂 . Get more details from Here



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