A Lil Pop of Colour

Hey Everyone,  I am back from a long weekend, having lots of good food, catching up with all the old friends and exploring some places in Kerala.It was my first getaway this year and I felt so relaxed after so many days.

I have been quite irregular in blog posting due to numerous list of reasons. Though, I have a big list of ideas for the blog posts, I am just lacking time to really execute and sit down to write. I know every time I start the blog with a few excuses of inconsistent blogging, but that’s what is to be a part-time blogger.Anyway, let’s get into the actual blog post now.

I was planning to click some Instagram pictures with a basic outfit. I paired my denim skirt with a tank top with a pair of silver loafers. It was as basic as that. We clicked at least 50 pictures and none of it was good. The outfit just felt so incomplete.That is when I tried on the bright orange cardigan and it immediately just elevated the look of the outfit.

The one thing which was missing in that outfit was a lil pop of color and the addition of cardigan just made everything perfect. We just went ahead and clicked a few more pictures and some of them has turned out pretty well.

So, If you are having a boring/dull outfit, just uplift it with a pop of color, be it an outer wear, a colorful earring and or a bright colored sandals and see the magic for yourself.

Outfit- H&M

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13 thoughts on “A Lil Pop of Colour

  1. Adore the simplicity of this outfit, the dotted top is such a cute piece. Yes to Grandad cardigans! I have a big red one and it”s the cosiest thing to wear, need to pick up one like this! Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Thanks Dear. You should totally check out H&M for casual outfits. Also it has good deals all the time 🙂

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