Hey! I am Lerry and I am the writer behind Inflated Dreams

Having a full time job as Software engineer currently in Bangalore, I always dream of travelling the world, exploring new places, eat like the locals.I love cooking and reading as much as I love travelling.

I started the blog in 2015 to share my experience and travel tips on the weekend trips I take. Now, I feature lifestyle tips, my take on fashion styling and occasionally share random facts about my life and Β in the blog.

Enjoy the Blog!

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  1. Hello Lerry,
    Thanks for the follow on insta else wouldnt have come across your blog. More interestingly we are both from Bangalore and its a pleasure to meet other bangalore bloggers.

    1. Thanks Sneha for checking out the blog. Its always a happy thing to get connected with the fellow bloggers and inspire each other πŸ™‚

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