Adventure Trekking- Madhugiri Fort!!!

Everything get more exciting and fun, when it is less planned.Trekking to Madhugiri fort was one such thing that happened when I stayed over at a friend’s place last weekend.

It could have ended like any normal weekend with a movie and a dinner.But, then our sudden plan for a trekking made all the difference. It was so adventurous and fun that cannot be expressed in words.It might look as if I am exaggerating, but trust me I have not done anything scary like this before.

Madhugiri is one of the largest monolithic hills located at an elevation of 3930ft, which is located in Tumkur District.

We started from home by 5.40 AM from Old airport Road. The road was not empty as we thought. It took almost three hours for us to reach the place.

After having the breakfast at the downhill, we started our climbing.It was a bright day, but the frequent breeze made it cooler.

We started our climbing with so much energy and enthusiasm. The first level of climbing was easy. There were proper steps cut out of stones which made it so easy. At the first level, there is water reservoir. We took enough water and photo breaks so that we don’t get exhausted.edfedfAs going higher, the climbing has become difficult. It started getting too steep.There were no proper steps, only grooves made on the rocks with rod handle on one side to support.There was one point where there was no rod support and was too steep to climb.

edfcofI tried and gave up two times, as I was too scared to keep my steps on that small groove without any support.Also, I wore a wrong shoes for climbing which did not have proper grip.So my friends suggested me to remove the shoes and try and I did that and it worked some how. It was actually  a ” SCARED TO DEATH” moment for me.davedfAfter that difficult part, I felt so relaxed and we completed one more level very fast. The tricky part of Madhugiri trekking is that  we cannot estimate how much more is there to complete as it is not a single elevation.sdrsdrEvery time we thought it is about to finish, there was more to climb.At one point, we decided to stop the climbing as we were running out of water as we carried only 2 bottles of water for 5 people.davHowever a couple who were natives of Madhugiri encouraged us to climb to the top. The guy ensured us, he will show a small pond at the very top. Getting excited by that , we continued again with them.The last level was not that difficult  and reached at top fast. There was a ruined temple at very top and we spotted the pond which is now covered with plants. The water was not good to drink , but we collected as it was very cold and we washed our face and legs with it.davIt took almost 3 hours to reach at the top including all the long breaks we took and climbing down took less than an hour.

Madhugiri trek is considered as one of the most difficult trek.Though I almost gave up at some point, I made to the Top at last. I was very proud of myself as it was my very first time doing something like this. IMG_20161106_115752.jpgIt was a very adventurous trek and I suggest not to miss this if you are trekking/ rock climbing enthusiast.

Things to remember planning a trek to Madhugiri.

  • Start very early in the morning. If you are driving from Banglore, start by 4.30 so that you can finish the trek before noon.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, and most importantly wear proper shoes. Shoes with proper grip is very important to climb all that steep rocks
  • Carry enough water and snacks. You should at least carry one litre of water per person.There might be a chance to get exhausted fast otherwise with less water

Now you know everything about this trek, dust off your trekking gears and GO !!!

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