Balancing Life

As usual, It is my random rambling and thoughts in my mind.I am some one who can stare at something or pretend to talk to people and think about totally different stuff in my head. I know everyone does that. But I do it a bit too much.

January started off well with me being creating to do list for every day and getting 90% of it done, being consistent with blogging, eating less unhealthy food,reading books, doing some exercise every day and so on. Life was going so in order then.But the typical me, who do not stick to much of a routine, again went back to that unorganised life lately. Scrolling Instagram feed for hours, hooked on to Netflix watching all the random shows and there by sleeping late night etc etc. Its been a total mess.Now I am stressed about it.

Finding a balance in life is very difficult. The moment I think I have a steady routine, it shatters to ground zero just like that. This time, I am going to analyze my routine and find things that I am already comfortable in and come up with a better plan rather than pushing myself into achieving unrealistic goals. I think I should create something less stressful.Let’s see how it goes.

Moving on to the outfit..This is the outfit I wore to the Flower show recently. It is a classic striped T-shirt dress from the west side stores which fits perfectly and it is very comfortable. I wore it with a white sneakers which is again a classic combination. Now,It has become a thing for me to shoot at least one weekend outfit.So, I dress up at least one day on the weekend to click some pictures. All in the name of social media!


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