Blended with Nature – Garnier Ultra Blends!!!

Growing up, I have used  quite a wide range of Garnier products for my hair care and skin. I always liked its fresh lemony fragrances and it worked well for my hair and skin. As many more brands popped up in the market and me wanting to try new products, somehow I have missed out Garnier in my routine

As soon they launched the latest range of their shampoos, I wanted to try one and get back to my Garnier life.

Ultra Blend is the new range launched by Garnier specially for the Hair care.This comes in 5 variants and the main highlight is it is paraben-free.

I picked up the variant 5 Precious Herbs. I was totally sold by its classic packaging with a carved leaf on the golden cap.I have been using it for over a month now along with the conditioner and I am good to give a review on this.

It has  Lemon, Eucalyptus, Henna , Aloe Vera and Green Tea which are individually  good for the hair and sure to be doing wonders when combined together.The shampoo is light green in color with a less thick consistency.

It lathers well with water and removes oil and dirt from the hair and scalp leaving a fresh smell on the hair.It feels that the hair looked more healthier and voluminous.

There is no extra hair fall  unlike most of the shampoos I have used , which is a good quality for a shampoo.It seemed to reduce the frizz on the days I have used conditioner along with the shampoo.

The shampoos come in different sizes and it is affordable so that you can easily give it a try if it actually works for you.

Personally, I liked it so far. I recommend to go ahead and give it a try , only that you need to pick your variant right.

Wish you very happy hair days ahead!!!



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