Blogs I read Everyday !!!!

Well , I admit that I read a lot of blog post daily. Ever since, I was introduced to the blog, I am obsessed with it.

The first thing everyday, after I log in my computer, is to catch up the latest updates from my favorite bloggers.

So I thought I’d share a few blogs I have been loving and following. is the first blog I started following. Tanvi is an Indian blogger settled in the States.
She writes about fashion, lifestyle, food, fitness, travel in her space.


Kendi Everyday is absolutely gorgeous.It features the every day fashion styles. Kendi has a style that just steals my heart. All her styles are elegant.


Selective Potential is about the life of Tieka where she shares her trips, fashion, adventures. I think her blog photos are just lovely.


Kelly in the city is the blog of a New York girl. She posts everything related to fashion, home decor, photography and her cute dog noodles.


Bruised Passports is a travel blog where the couple Savi &Vid share the adventures of their exotic trips to various places around the world.


And Finally, Gia says that is an Indian Blogger who takes us  to the world of Fashion, Beauty & Food. She shares reviews and tips on all things beauty-related.


What are you waiting for now ??Go check them out. You will also love them for sure 🙂

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