Boulders & Fort- Chitradurga

Last Weekend,  we decided to take a road trip to Chitradurga , which is almost 230 kms from Bangalore.

Chitradurga is known for its fort surrounded by boulders.Built in the 15th century, the fort was headquarters of Nayakas. There are seven concentric ramparts to this fort.

We started our ride by 4.30 in the morning from Bangalore via Hebbal- Neelamangala and hit the Bangalore-Pune Highway.The Highway has the best road and after taking 2-3 short breaks at the tolls we reached Chitradurga in 5 hours.

We had our breakfast at the foot of the fort and started our trek. The fort is overcrowded with mainly the local tourist. The fort is constructed breaking the boulders in the hills


Let’s see into the history of the fort…

The fort was built between the 17th and 18th centuries by the dynastic rulers of the region. The major expansion of the fort was done by Nayakas of Chitradurga.The Nayakas were defeated by Hyder Ali in 1779. Later the fort was expanded and strengthened by Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan. The fort is built in a series of seven concentric fortification walls with various passages, a citadel, masjid, warehouses for grains and oil, water reservoirs and ancient temples. There are 18 temples in the upper fort and one huge temple in the lower fort. The fort has many interconnecting tanks which were used to harvest rain water.

Our Trip Experience

We started to climb the fort a bit late. It was a pretty sunny day. The fort is constructed in different levels and the walls starting from the entrance of the fort is interestingly built as a little snake pattern which may prevent the enemies to penetrate the fort directly. As going further, it starter getting steeper. We took many breaks in between and relaxed enough so that we don’t exhausted fast.

We were not planning an ultimate climbing to the highest point as  the temperature was too high during that time of the day. So we walked around the fort and explored the hidden places and it was real fun.

The fort is spread over a vast area and you need an entire day to climb it to the top, exploring everything. We picked up one of the watch towers and decided to climb till there. Though it was not the highest point, it was not an easy climb. We took our time and reach our destination. That was one happy moment. The view along with the cool breeze was an amazing experience. We rested there, talked , clicked loads of pictures.

After having a long relaxed break, we slowly started our downhills. We reached down in about half an hour. It was pretty easy.

Travel Tips

  • Chitradurga is spread over a vast area and there is so much climbing to do.So avoid carrying so many things along.( Unfortunately, we had to carry our helmets and bags along as we could not find any locker for the same. Also, always be in comfortable clothes and proper shoes(Golden rule for any climbing/Trek)
  • Since, it is a huge place and if you are planning to a full stretch climbing, I suggest to start off very early or stay back for a day and explore it slowly. There are couple of hotels  near the entrance of the fort, if you want to try that option.
  • Carry water along as there is only one refreshment point where you could buy water.
  • Plan a trip during the winters as the weather will perfect for the ride and also the trek.

It was an amazing day for us. The ride was hassle free and the trek was fun.

If you are planning for a short road trip  and a trek from Bangalore, Chitradurga is the perfect place to be.

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