I know I am not consistent with posting the Currently series every single month. It is because of the simple reason that I pretty much do not do anything  interesting in some months.

June is my most favorite month as  my b’day is on June :D. I rather get very excited for my b’day even though there is nothing much planned.

I have been to a bunch of new things currently and would like to share it here.

Reading:The Kiss Of Life by Emraan Hashmi which depicts struggle he has gone through when his son was diagnosed with Cancer. It is an emotional story which made my eyes wet at times.

Loving: Monsoon weather. Bangalore have experienced a very terrible summer this year. It was hot, humid, dusty and what not. Luckily, the monsoon striked at the right time early this month. Though the roads and traffic have become little horrible,I am loving the cool lazy weather.

Watching :Quantico, the thriller series where Priyanka Chopra doing the lead role. I have been wanting to watch this one ever since it got released, but could not for a long time. Now I am finishing the first season. I am loving the suspense and the mystery revolving around each one.

Waiting for more of its seasons. 😀

Planning: To read as many books as I could  this year. Reading has been my favorite hobby since childhood.

But as usual, I always shift my interest to other things. Reading is one thing I never want to leave behind. So I am making an attempt to keep a track of all the books I am reading this year and making a list of books I should read.

You can suggest me the favorite books you want me to read so that I can add to my list. 🙂

Excited about: My b’day weekend.My birthday is on Saturday. One cool thing about my organisation I work is that they give you a b’day leave. How exciting is that right. You can enjoy your b’day without any work pressure.

So we have planned a long weekend getaway and am really excited about the trip.Hope it is going to be fun.

So, what are you up to currently? Is it summer or monsoon at your place?

4 thoughts on “Currently!!!

    1. realistic fiction, comedy and more. If I come across something interesting other than my usual genre, I make an effort to read that as well 🙂

  1. Some of my favorites:
    A Fine Balance, Rohinton Mistry
    The World According to Garp, John Irving
    Papillon, Henri Charriere
    The Fifth Mountain, Paulo Coelho

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