Flower show 2018

So the long weekend followed by Monday blues is over and am starting off the week officially today. Long weekend was so casual for me. We planned some trip at the last minute but did not work out well and ended up being in the city.

I was furious about being stuck in the city for the long weekend, however I managed to D-clutter my wardrobe, watched a movie and most importantly, we went for the flower show in Lal Bagh followed by a picnic in the garden.

The flower show was a small affair but fun and refreshing. I got amazed by the variety of roses and succulent they had for display. All the colors were so soothing to the eyes.The crowd, even during a long weekend was kind of underwhelming though.But the overall experience was good and a stress buster with vibrant colors all around.

We cooked some pasta and packed up some fruits for our lunch, as we were restricting ourselves from having outside food.We had our lunch out in the park. Though, I do not like to eat in the open, it was quite different and a good experience.

We strolled through the garden after the lunch and clicked some pictures and did some fruits shopping and headed back to home with a happy mind.

Here are some pictures from the flower show. Hope this virtual show makes you happy through out the week 🙂

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