4 Reasons to Visit Gokarna

Gokarna, spread  along the west coast of India , is a  small town  in Karnataka with the  most calmest sea , beautiful beaches and temples. Gokarna is a paradise to the beach lovers and the perfect place for hippie inside you.

Last month, we had a mini beach vacation at Gokarna. It turned out to be the most relaxed and satisfying vacation I have ever had.

It is not just the beaches which makes Gokarna special. Everything looks different there. The town, temples and the people. It feels like you have time traveled to a different century all together.

So if you are looking for an unconventional  holiday with no strict itinerary, Gokarna is the place to be and here are the reasons why.

Beaches– It comes to you with no surprise. Beaches are the main attraction in Gokarna. It has four main beaches; Om Beach, Kudle Beach, Half Moon Beach and Paradise Beach. These were one of the  most beautiful beaches I have ever been too. Unlike, Goa, the beaches are clean, less crowded and well kept.

It  has one of the calmest sea as well. You can literally spend the whole day swimming(P.S: I have managed to swim quite a bit there.I am getting good at my swimming skills 🙂 ) and relax on the beach without any distraction. Another interesting thing is that you can trek  by the cliff to all the beaches.Beach trekking is one thing you do not want to miss when you are in Gokarna. We were not prepared for the trek. We did give it a miss ; instead we took the boat ride which takes you to all the unexplored and untouched beaches. If you are lucky enough , you can spot dolphins as well.

Scrumptious Food– Gokarna’s food scene is amazing. It serves you with all the yummy sea food at amazing prices. Surprisingly, even the smallest shack on the beach serves various international cuisine with a huge spread of dishes. So, just take enough time to enjoy all the drool worthy delicacies when you are there along with a couple of beers.What better time than a vacation to have guilt free meals. 🙂

Town and the Temples– If you have satisfied enough your eyes and heart with the beautiful beaches and sunsets and your tummy with delicious food, venture out for a visit to the Gokarna Town and the temples.

Gokarna town has a very ancient town vibe.It has not been affected by Globalization till date. From shops, restaurant to the road pavements, all has a touch of an ancient era. I could even spot an internet cafe and ticket booking offices in the town which rarely exist these days.Visit the temples inside the town mainly the Mahabaleshwar temple and the Shree Maha Ganapati Temple and  get to know about its interesting history.There is a local street market which is spread across the town. Lined up with small colorful shops which sells everything from Metal ornaments, beads, brass lamps, beach clothes to rock salts and spices, the street has a special charm. Take a stroll, brush up your bargaining skills and grab on your favorite things..

The Shack Life- Gokarna’s night life is very different. If you are so used to the night parties and clubbing on a beach vacation, then Gokarna offers you a different and amazing side of night life.As the sun goes down, all the shacks along the full stretch of the beach gets lit up  and get prepared for the rest of the night. The people , mainly the foreign tourists get together in a shack and start playing their instruments and sing songs merrily. It is more like a free live music night without any chaos. Anyone is welcome to sing and play along with them. Or you  can just have your amazing dinner and enjoy the  music and the vibe and wind down slowly and happily.I am not a party person and I loved the nights in Gokarna. If you are someone who is not fond of clubbing and partying, it is one thing you will love about Gokarna.

 Gokarna  is not a typical beach destination. It is calm, laid back and less crowded unlike Goa. You can find your own space, get lost in thoughts and relish the peace.

I wish it retains the same vibe over the years without much of commercialization.

If you like to spend a few days relaxed without any distraction and be close to nature, take a trip to Gokarna.  And Mind you, keep it clean as it is. 🙂

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    1. Travel during the months of oct- march. Avoid monsoon, as most of the places will be shut down during that time

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