Go Goa Gone!!!

Goa is one of the famous vacation spot in India known for its beaches, sunset and parties.

Living in a city with beaches all over, I never thought about a trip to Goa.Somehow, my friend convinced me and I agreed. But I would say, I was really excited after we started planning for the Trip.

The Trip was during April. We were a group of six. Planning was all spontaneous.We booked our hotel and trains and planned all our leaves at office, did all the Goa shopping. The waiting period was horrible as we planned everything a month before the trip. Literally, there was only one topic to discuss during our lunch hours and tea breaks. Everyone was super excited. Especially the guys 😉


Our journey was in train. It took almost 15 hours to reach Goa. We reached the station early morning. The station was fully crowded with the tourist. The guys went out in search for the bike renters, but we ended up getting a cab to our hotel.

Since we reached way early that the check in time, they could only manage to get us one room for the time being to get refreshed .The rooms were huge and clean. We got  our own rooms by 11.30.  By the time, the guys hired the bikes.We had our food, drinks and a quick nap.

We got ready real fast in the evening and everyone was ready to explore Goa officially :D.We took ride in our rented bikes. All the roads are filled with tourist.

We rode to the beach nearby. Roads and Beaches were maintained clean. we spend the evening walking along the beach, enjoying the sand sculptures and having some street foods.

condolim Beach
Candolim Beach, Goa

sunset at candolim

We headed back to our hotel at night. We took some drinks and snacks from one of the supermarkets. We spend our whole night drinking and singing all the night.( All fun stuffs 😉

Second day, we planned for some water sports in the famous Baga Beach. We woke up little late and got ready and headed for our  complimentary breakfast at hotel. Breakfast was enormous. Worth a mention.I was feeling little sick after yesterday’s hangover. Still OK  for the adventures 🙂


Baga Beach was quite far from our hotel. Baga has the clearest water i have ever seen. We had some fun in the water and we planned to do some water sports. There were individual fares for each sport or you could take it as a package.

We started with Jet skiing. It was quite fun when all the water splash all your body.


Next was Para sailing which was little more adventurous. I started throwing up 🙁 while i was waiting in the boat for my turn for the Para sailing, as I am sea sick. Finally my turn came. While parachuting over the sea, I felt quite relieved.


By the time, everyone was very tired and planned to go back to home. We had a light lunch and then took rest till the evening.

Evening, we headed to an Saturday night market set up by the foreigners settled in Goa. It was a huge market with all the varieties from music bands, clothes, food and what not. We spend our whole night there with food and shopping.

Saturday night market
Saturday night market, Goa


Third day and the last day, we realized that we have not seen half of Goa. We got ready really early and boosted up our energy with our overwhelming breakfast.

We visited Aguada Fort, Dona Paula Jetty and we headed to Old Goa and visited the Basilica Of Bom Jesus which holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier  and the  Archaeological Museum.

Aguada Fort
Aguada Fort, Goa
Dona Paula Jetty, Goa
Dona Paula Jetty, Goa
Basilica Of Bom Jesus
Basilica Of Bom Jesus, Goa

St Francis Xavier

Archaeological Museum
Archaeological Museum , Old Goa

Then we headed back to Chapora Fort to watch the sunset.The beach view from the fort was really fantastic.

chapora Fort
Chapora Fort
Beach view
Beach view

We spend our last night in Goa in a less crowded beach having chilled Breezers and talking and planning on the next trip to Goa.

We enjoyed the trip though we could not visit all the places in three days time.We traveled back with lot of happy memories of our short Goa Vacation.

I am sure, I have plans to visit Goa again. It’s a different experience 🙂

On a side note, For people who are not into partying and not fascinated about beaches, Goa has offbeat destinations too.

Goa is not going to disappoint you either way. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Go Goa Gone!!!

  1. Sure is a beautiful place, actually a blogger friend who is Indian, ( have quite a lot of people that I´m meeting that come from India) has also gone there.
    By the way, since I now know you are from India, in the last post, on of the to do things in the list was getting your drivers license, and from what they have told me, over there you basically pay and you get the license immediately, and also it seems quite hectic to put it mildly how they drive over there, bit of chaotic. You have to have some guts to get into that traffic jam

    1. Goa is a beautiful place you must visit in India. And for the license, its not easy in my part of the country. You have to get through lot of driving tests.

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