Health and Glow Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have been hyped so much recently with so many Korean beauty brands entering into the Indian Market. Though I am not the one who is up to date on the trends, I loved the idea of Sheet masks. It is an easier way to pamper your skin.  So I wanted to try them ever since then.

Recently, when I was strolling through a Health and glow store, I happened to see their sheet masks range and I decided to get a few and try them out.

It came in a few variant and I picked up The Pomegranate, Thyme, Rose Mary variant. Each variant claim to serve a different purpose for your skin.

I tried the Rose Mary and the Pomegranate mask so far and let me tell you, I regret for not getting my hands on these way before. I loved how it worked well on my skin.

The packaging is cute and once you open the  pack, you will find the mask folded and soaked with the serum. Take it it out , unfold it and place it on your face and press it against your skin , leave it for 15-20 mins and relax.

The excess serum inside the pack can be applied on to the neck and hands. Once you take of the mask, massage the serum into the skin. You don’t need to wash off your face immediately. You can instantly feel the difference on your face.


1.It is a very easy and practical way of skin care.

2.It is mess-free, you can take care of the skin without creating any mess by mixing, applying and washing.

3. It is a quick fix; it instantly gives you the result.

4.It is very convenient for your travel skin care

5.It is very affordable.


Did not find many cons.Maybe its my first ever sheet mask.

1.I felt it is a bit too big for my face.

2. The sheet is quite thick.

I, Personally liked the Rosemary variant which was meant to be firming your face. I could literally see my sagged face has come to live and the skin felt so firm smooth and moisturized.

If you are some one who wants to take care of your skin , but is very lazy to do the conventional skin care routine, sheet masks are your savior. Walk into your nearest Health and Glow store and grab a few masks and see it for yourself. It costs 99 Rs for a sheet mask and now they are running a Buy 1 Get 1 Offer.

So what are you waiting for? I am definitely going to stock few more for myself 🙂

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