Hidden Figures

I don’t normally review movies. I am not good at analyzing the cinematography, script  or acting skills of the people.  It is always a mere entertainment for me. Anything which can make me laugh, cry or inspire is a good movie for me.

Lately, I am very much into watching Oscar movies. I have already watched La La Land, Arrival and Lion. Last week, I have watched Hidden Figures  and I can’t get over how beautiful and inspiring the movie is.

Hidden Figures is a movie based on true events. It tells the  success story of three African-american ladies who worked for NASA.

Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, the three ladies with smart brains works as  “Human Computers” in NASA. The ladies struggled to work in an atmosphere where there is discrimination between Colored and Whites. Overcoming all the gender and race discrimination, the ladies , with their will power and confidence played a major role in one of the greatest successful mission in the history of NASA.

All the three characters are very strong and they proved their intelligence in their field at NASA despite if all the difficulties they faced. I loved Dorothy a bit more among the three because she is a true leader. She always talked for her friends and when she is promoted, she made sure that the girls under her are taken along with her.

Hidden Figures is totally an inspirational story. No matter what the situation is, be it a racial bias, cultural bias or gender bias,  if you have the will and confidence, you will always achieve success. You give your 100% and everything else will fall in place.

I totally loved the movie and thank the entire team to make this into a Movie.Because, this story of triumph needed to be told right now to the world.

I highly recommend everyone to watch this one if you are looking for some inspiration in life.

You have already watched the movie, share your thoughts in the comments.:)

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