Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Face Wash

Face washes are one of the must haves for any skincare routine.It is also the most important step in the skincare routine to have a clean and fresh face. It is always very difficult to find that perfect face wash which works well for your skin type.

Himalaya has always come up with new products exclusively for different skin type. Their latest launch is the Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Face wash which is solely for the Oily Skin Type.It comes in four different variants with natural beads.

Strawberry. Peach. Blueberry. Lemon

The Fruit theme is what attracted me in the first place. The packaging is very vibrant and color coded with the fruit variants. It is a transparent leak proof tube packaging which makes it very travel friendly.It has a mild fragrance of the respective fruit.It is priced at Rs.140 for 100 ml.

How to Use it.

Moisten the Face. Apply a small quantity of the face wash and gently massage to the skin in circular motion to lather for a min. wash off and Pat Dry. It removes the excess oil  and impurities from the face and gives a  clear look and will give a instant refreshing feel.


  1. It comes in different sizes and affordable pricing.
  2. It has a very attractive packaging.
  3. The leak proof packaging makes it easy to use.
  4. It comes in 4 different variant to choose from.
  5. It is a light gel wash with natural granules which lathers up well. The addition of granules gives a very little scrubbing effect.
  6.  It is very gentle on the skin. Did not observe any breakouts till now.
  7. It definitely removes the excess oil and impurities from the skin
  8. It gives an instant clear and refreshing look on the face
  9. Even though it is formulated specifically for oily skin, it does not dry up the skin and it gives a slight moisturizing as well. So it can be used by normal to oily skin types.


  1. The natural beads does not do much to give any visible effect.

I have been using these ones for a while and love the way it instantly works on your puffy face in the morning by making it refreshed and how it gives a clear look in the evening by removing all the impurities that got settled throughout the day. And my favorite variant is the Peach One 🙂

If you are looking for a face wash for daily use, you should definitely try this range.

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