How to become a Morning Person

As a Kid, I used to be a morning person. My father used to wake me and my brother at 4’o clock in the morning and we go for a morning walk or play badminton. I was one of the most energetic person back in my school days.I know, it has some thing to do with getting up early.

As we grow older, we  tend to stay up late and with more stress in life, it just becomes so much easier to hit the snooze button and sleep until noon. I always felt that the days when I get up early are more productive  for me.

I have decided to make an effort this year to get back to the morning person that I was and get back to that energetic days.

Here are some small changes you can make in your life style to become a morning person easily

1. Get a Good Night Sleep

Yes.This is the first and the most important tip to get started with a fresh morning.I know it is not easy as it sound. Here are some tips to get a good night sleep.

  • Revamp your Bed

A comfortable bed and bedding will automatically make your job easier. Try to upgrade the bedding , pillows and blankets occasionally  so that it makes you want to get into the bed soon.Keep it attractive so that it is inviting.

Also Invest in a good quality mattress. A good mattress ,not only gives you a comfortable sleep, but it helps you prevent the back aches and joint pains

If you are looking for a perfect mattress for better sleep, check out the Leesa for their amazing collection of mattress and blankets. It is designed specially for providing a better sleep. You can place the order online and all the mattress include a 100 night in-home trial backed by a no-hassle, full refund policy, which is totally risk free.

  • Get disconnected from all the Gadgets

Now that you have revamped your bed, it is very important keep away from all the distraction. First thing is to shut your laptop  and put away the phone and you are almost there. The lights from gadgets has something to do with it.It is proven to lower the quality of the sleep. This year, I have been making a real effort to keep away from my phone an hour before Bed. I think , it has quite helped me getting a faster sleep.

  • Wind down with a Book 

I have realized from my experience that after reading something before bed(be it a novel or the Bible) made me relax before sleep and it helped me getting an undistributed sleep. Just try to unwind by reading a book , it will surely help you sleep right through peacefully.

2. Prep up for a Good morning

Always prepare for a morning you look forward to. Create a to-do list for the day, take the pet out for a walk and plan for breakfast recipes. Anything which makes you happy and interested.

3. Drink water and never skip breakfast.

I was bad at both of these things and even though I get up early some days, I end up all exhausted by mid day.Now I have changed the things a little bit and it worked. I started keeping a full bottle of water near my bed and drink it up all  straight after getting up . I suddenly feel very much awake with that. You can replace water with any of your favorite drink.

Also, always find time to have breakfast. If not a large spread, always grab a bite on the go or get hold of a healthy smoothie. Don’t start your day with an empty stomach. Breakfast is the most important meal to keep you all energetic through out the day.

4.Exercise in the morning

I am not a gym person. But I like to go for walks and that is my main and only exercise. I love the walks in the mornings. The environment is more clean, you get to start the day with breathing some fresh air, listening to the nature’s voices than the terrible honking from the traffic.The mind and body feels more fresh, calm and relaxed after a morning walk. This is helps to have a kick start to the mornings.

Being a Morning person isn’t an easy thing which can be achieved in a day or  a month if we are so used to sleeping in till noon. Try to make small changes in your life style. Don’t step back in between. Have a positive mind. Make a gradual change and you can achieve it. 🙂

Are you a Morning person? What are your tips to become a morning person?


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