How to choose a perfect Maxidress for Petite Body Type

If you are a petite girl like me, you know the struggle of finding a perfect length dress. The maxi dresses you buy, always end up sweeping the floor, or buy a mini dress, it end it up looking like a midi dress. The struggle is real. To top up it, petite girls does not always come in zero sizes. Our short frame comes in many shapes and sizes.

I am a huge admirer of Maxi Dresses.However, It is trickier to style it on a petite body type. I have decoded some tricks over the years to buyΒ  that perfect maxi dresses for a petite body type.

  1. Length is the key: Choosing the right length is the first thing to be kept in mind while shopping for a maxi dress. Choose a length which ends just above the ankle. If its too lengthy, it feel heavy and end up dragging on the ground as I mentioned earlier.
  2. Pick your print wisely: It is apt to go solids if you are petite which will make you look taller. But hey, lets address this. We all deserve some happy prints in our life. Opt for smaller prints which compliments well with the body type. Bigger prints can make you look bulkier and shorter.
  3. Neckline is an absolute game changer: We tend to focus on the length and totally ignore the neckline which could ultimately spoil the entire style of the dress. Go for a V-shaped neckline. It helps in giving an elongated look for your upper body and make you look taller.
  4. Finally, the Fabric:The Fabric is very important for petite maxi dresses.Always opt for a fabric which is flowy and soft.It should take the natural shape of your body. It should not be too tight or loose. Stay away from stiff material which has its own shape while choosing your dress and you are good to go.

Now that you have a better idea how to choose your perfect maxi dress, Dresslilly has curated a collection of dresses for just the petite body type. They have put a great collection for different shapes as well which makes our lives more easier.

Go over to their website and explore their collection.Β 

Happy Shopping Girls!!!

15 thoughts on “How to choose a perfect Maxidress for Petite Body Type

  1. That’s interesting what you shared about Petite body types, as I always considered Petite as thin and lean body mass.
    Yes length and neckline matters the most while choosing any dress and specially maxi dress.

  2. Wow! Never knew a v neck and small prints can make me look taller! This is an amazing post! Thanks a lot for sharing! ❀

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