January Favourites

January is officially over and the month had major ups and downs for me. I still managed to get through it with a happy heart.

Over the month, I have been loving few new things and I think I should share it  in a blog post  as a Monthly Favorites. Also this year, I am making it a point to try and experience new things and also make a Monthly Favorite blog post without fail (Fingers Crossed*).

Anyway, Let’s get into the January Favorites..

Skincare : The Body shop Aloe Soothing Night Cream. My face became so dry and rough ever since the winter started. So I went ahead and bought this night cream with the recommendation from the staff at Kiosk.

Since then , I have been using it every night along with some Vitamin E Gel. I always woke up with a clear and bright face with no dry patches here and there. It is very light in texture and absorbs well into the skin. As the name says, it is indeed very soothing. I have almost finished my tub and am definitely gonna repurchase it.

TV Show: I have never watched so many TV shows in a month like this before. I am just hooked to NETFLIX these days.I know it is not that appreciative, but these shows are worth it. I watched The Crown season 2, binge watched all the seasons of Suits and Grace & Frankie. I loved all the three of it, but if I have to pick a favorite , it should be Grace & Frankie.It is the story of two older women at the age of 70 struggling with their lives, after knowing their husbands are gay. It is a funny, feel good show. My favorite characters are Frankie of course, Coyote and Brianna 🙂

Book: I have only read one book this month and of course that’s my favourite one 🙂 Turtles All the Way Down By John Green. All though, I am not a fan of his other teenage fictions, this one won my heart.This novel touches the topics of mental health and OCDs which was very relatable at many situation.It is a very thought provoking novel and it is one of the few books which made me cry. I am gonna re-read this one very soon. I recommend everyone to read this one in 2018.

Food: In January, I managed to eat less junk and processed food and more fruits and veggies. For a relatively healthy snack, I started  eating Makhana(FOXNUTS). I have recently started eating those and loved it crunchy and puffy texture. So I have been eating these from the Brand ” TOO YUM” and it is definitely the yummiest.This one is Air popped. Fox nuts has natural antioxidant properties. If you are looking for an healthy alternative for your regular fried snacks and potato chips, this is the one you should try.

These are my January Favorites. Have you tried any thing new in Jan? What are your favorites?

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