July Updates!!!

I have been so busy this month that I could not put up something in the blog. So I just thought of sharing a general update on the things have been busy with during the month.

First and fore most, Inflated Dreams Turned One this month. :d


I am so super excited. For the fact that I do not stick on to something for a long time, I am proud of myself to be active here for a year. Now I have 100+ followers. I am grateful to everyone who keep coming back to my blog and take the time to read my posts and encourages me.

It was a very hectic month on the professional front. Same story of  an IT professional. Lot of releases and timelines. So I was working on most of my weekends (luckily they spared the Sundays) this month.

On the third week of the month, I travelled to Mumbai to visit my family. Some of my relatives  came for vacation from Kuwait.So we just visited some  near by places in Lonavala. It was a fun week though the monsoon was not favoring much outdoor activities. Family time is always the happiest for me.lonavlalonaLast week, some of my friends visited Bangalore. So I had some quick catch up with them all.It was a good feeling to see old friends and talk after so long time.Its a good feeling to know that even if we are not around all the time, there is always a connect with some people.Also, it is good to know that some people take an effort to keep in touch with you no matter what. 🙂

This weekend, we are planning to go some short trip to near by place if my work permits me.I really want to go to some place and sit back relaxed without any work pressure..

But, I am excited for the next month. I have so much planned for the next month. I will be sharing everything  here. So do remember to come back to my blog for more interesting posts.

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