June Updates

Hey Everyone…

Long Time No see..I just got carried away with the monsoon weather and decided to take a break. Not really!!!.

June was indeed a Jam packed month. Since, I was being MIA for a long while, I thought to share a glimpse of what I have been up to for the past 3-4 weeks.

As I said in the last post, there were many birthdays to celebrate including mine. The second weekend went well with celebrating his birthday. We had a small house party over the weekend and it was quite fun.

The next weekend was my birth day. This time I decided to celebrate my birthday with my family in Mumbai. So I traveled to Mumbai on 14th of June. My birthday is on 18th of June, if you are wondering :).

So I had an amazing time with my family and cousins. It was a relaxing long weekend for me with so much  yummy food and shopping 🙂

I came back from Mumbai on 20th of June and spent another two days catching up on office work  as much as I can as there was another long weekend coming up and we had some getaway planned.

We planned on our second Hampi trip with some of our friends on 23rd of June. We hired a zoom car and drove to Hampi. We spend two days there and visited a couple of places we missed during our last trip.

Even though, I was happy that I was having very eventful weekends, I got under the weather due to the continuous travel.So I took rest for a week with just concentrating on my office work.

Now, the things got steady as before and I am back with more energy with more contents drafting for the blog. Before heading over to regular posts, I thought it is only fair to let you know about my crazy month.

So stay tuned for more interesting posts this month.

So How did your June go??



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