March Goals

Happy March Everyone!! Last two months has been amazing. The weather was beautiful. We did quite a lot weekend travels and trekking trips.

Summer has begun and it is not the beautiful weather in this part of the world. So March is not my favorite month due to the harsh sun, heat and humidity. I tend to be the laziest person during this time as I am always tired.

This time, I have set some goals for myself for March to make it more interesting and healthier 🙂

Here is the little peak into my March Goals…

No weekend travel for the month – As I have already mentioned above, I have done too many weekend trips during the last two months. Literally, every weekend! I have felt that it is a little too much and we are not getting enough rest with this frequent travels.

Also, the summers in India is not the appropriate time to plan any trip.

We used to travel one or two weekends a month and it was quite balanced. So this month, we have decided to take a break on the weekend trips and get all that lost sleep and get back to the old routine of our travel.

Read two booksBooks– It is an ON and OFF routine for me. I have never been consistent on this (*sad*). I have read one book in January and then there is nothing.

One of the major goals for 2017 is to read more books and I can see that I am clearly failing. But I am planning to restart it again this month more seriously. While writing this, I have placed order for the two books I am planning read.

This time, I am all determined!

Eat clean-Another BIG challenge for me. I am a crazy junk eater. I eat anything and everything. Mostly meat based food.

Lately, my eating habits have gone really bad. I have lost the count of the  Burgers and Biriyanis I have had during the past month. I had finally fell sick with stomach upset last week. That made me realize that I am not eating right.

I have decided to make it right this time. Since I am not living in a place with proper kitchen set up, it is not practical for me to prepare the meals. Instead , I am planning to go vegetarian for a month. It is quite a challenge for a hard core meat lover like me.

I have stopped eating meat based food from Sunday and it is going strong till today. I am proud of myself! 😀 . Also, I have added more fruits to my meals and increased the intake of water.

Hope it continues till the end of the month and may be continues forever! Who does not like a clean healthy eating?

Run a 5 K marathon– OK. This is quite an interesting one. I ran my first marathon last year. I sucked at it. I messed it up ( that’s a story for another time) and maybe I was the one who finished last. I was not impressed with my running. Ever since, I want to do it again right.

Two weeks before, I came across this marathon site, KANYATHON 2017. It is organised to celebrate the Gender equality. It is happening this Sunday, 5th of March and I am planning to run that.

I am more prepared for this one and hope to run better.

Plan and Pre-Schedule 5-6  blog post for the month– My blog post planning and schedule is quite spontaneous. It is hardly planned and scheduled for any random day.

I don’t think it is the right way it should be happening.So starting this month, I am trying to plan ahead all my post for the month( aiming at at least 6 post for the month.) , get the content and photos ready and schedule it for publishing.

Eventually, if this goes well, I am planning to come up with a weekly schedule for the blog  posts rather than randomly publishing it. Hope it all works all planned.

These are the main things I am looking forward for during March. Do you make monthly goals? If so, what are yours for this March?

Also, are you enjoying the  spring/summer at your place?

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