March Round Up

Do you remember how excited I was for March and made my March Goals. Well, March turned out to be a  worse month for me.

The IT job takes some surprising twists  at times. Most of my March was taken up by my regular IT job and I even worked on weekends for straight three weeks.Finally, month has come to an end  and I am relaxed.

So Here I am giving a round up of March events and analyzing whether I have achieved any of my Goals.

Travel: I have decided on No travel/trip on March. Apparently , I have achieved it. In reality, I have made the goal and it got jinxed.

By the second week of March itself, I realized that it was not a good idea not to travel anywhere for the whole month. But, I was caught up with work from the next week and ended up not going anywhere.From now on, I am not planning on any travel ban month. I deserve at least one weekend getaway a month. 🙂

Books: The Goals was to read two books. I came very close to the Goal. I read one and a half books. I have read ” The legend of Lakshmi Prasad” By Twinkle Khanna. which is a very light read. I liked it.Next one is ” The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes” by Jamyang Norbu which I am half way through.

I was never a Sherlock Fan. But, this one really got me as it talks on stories when Holmes was in India. Hopefully, I could finish it  in another week.

Summer: Summer is going very strong in India. I am struggling to sleep, go out and walk at least for 5 mins. Sun is very harsh and I am always thirsty and dehydrated.

I am literally surviving on spiced butter milk and fresh juice through out the day.Hope we get some intermediate rain some day soon.

Food: My Goal was to eat clean and skip on non veg for a month. Oh come on; did you even trust me with this goal.

I failed miserably on the non veg part. I was so stressed with my work that I binge ate so much non veg food; mostly chicken and egg.However; one good thing that happened was I got to cook my meals after so long. I prepared so many meals during the past two weeks and I couldn’t be more happier.

Marathon: It did not happen. PMS hit me a day before that and I dropped the plan. But, Planning another one really soon.

Blog Schedule: Still the blog schedule is all upside down. All curse to the unexpected work. However; I managed to put up 5 blog post in March which I am really proud of. I will soon figure out on the scheduling part  as well. stay tuned.

March was not really a great month for me. But, I managed to achieve some of my goals. You know, Life is always full of surprise.Always expect the unexpected and live with that 🙂

How was March for you guys??

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