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Let’s keep it real and do the soul talk. I keep loosing friends faster than I make friends.Is it totally my problem that I am loosing friends or do I cut out many friends intentionally  from my life? Lets discuss.

Let’s first talk about my friendship history. I have a jovial character. Even though , I am reluctant to initiate a conversation, I get along so well with people. In school, I made a lot of friends, I was like the cool gang leader. And I loved it. Once I joined the college, it was totally different. The environment and the people were entirely different from what I was used to. I find it hard to understand them and I hardly talk to two or three people. I never bothered to make friends there at all.

Once I joined my first Job, it was all altogether a new experience. I went all out and made friends with many people and then there are room mates from different places for whom I selflessly stood by their side at their difficult times.

So If you ask me whether I am in touch with all of my friends, NO! Over the years , I have lost many of my friends whom I thought will be friends forever. As I am an emotional and possessive person, I cannot handle any betrayal, ignorance , jealousy or ego from the ones I love.

Over the years, I became mature enough to  understand that its okay to loose some friends for good than whine about it all the time. I am totally over the BFF concept.  Having said that, I have a few friends starting from my school days who are very close to me till date. It is more important to have a bunch of good friends who understands you even if you don’t make any contact for years and catch up without any ego on any random day. I am content with those few in my life. I don’t regret for any failed friendships in my life. I believe it was bound to happen!

After ranting about my trouble with friendships, don’t think that I am an anti-social person. Not at all. I like to socialize with people , make travel and dinner plans with friends or friend’s friends. I am totally up for that 🙂

OK..Back to the outfit….

This is the outfit I have put together for  our weekend dinner date with our couple friends. As always , I have gone for a casual outfit. I paired my loose fitted blue ruffle top with tassel details with a frayed black jeans. I completed the look with a pair of golden slip ons to give a brighter look for the entire outfit.

Outfit Details:

Top : Reliance Trends

Jeans: Splash India

Slip ons: Max Fashion.

Be trendy in a casual style 🙂

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