My Top 5 Summer Essentials

Summer is at its peak in India and its not a happy scene. The temperature has touched almost 45 degrees. Due to this harsh climate, the hair and skin is undergoing a drastic bad situation.

It is very important to give extra care to your body during the summers. Otherwise, your skin will be more prone to premature ageing and all that unhappy phases.

So, In this post, I am talking through my top 5 summer essentials which I use every day that’s really helping my skin survive the summer.

Moisturizer: Summer is all about dryness and patchy skin. Being a Dry skin person, moisturizer is the first and foremost item in my skin care.

I am using the Cetaphil  moisturizer for the last couple of months and its bond with my skin is still going strong. I apply it always in the morning and my face stay moisturized throughout the day without leaving any dry patches. I highly recommend this to every one who is search for a good moisturizer which helps in getting rid of those ugly dry patches on face. It is effective and affordable.

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Sunscreen: This comes as a no-brainier to everyone. When you are out in the sun any time, this one is your “bae”. My skin gets dull very fast even when I am out only for  half an hour. So , I never skip on my sunscreen, especially on this hot summer weather.

I have been using the Lotus Herbals Matte Look Daily Sunblock with SPF 40 for years now and I never thought of switching to any other sunscreen. It works amazingly well on my face and my face feel fresh on applying this one.

The best part is it has a light tint and it gives you a light coverage along with sun protection. What better can you ask of a sunscreen?? :d

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Lip Balm: Summer comes with chapped lips for me. It is such a night mare. I wake up with cracked lips on every day during summer. So I can’t give a miss on the Lip Balm.

I am currently using Jovees Winter Cherry Lip Care with an SPF 15. It glides well on the lips giving it a light pink tint. It is very effective as well.  It keeps the lips moisturized throughout the night leaving no cracks. More over , it is not sticky unlike many other lip balms I used in the past.Highly recommend.

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Deodorant: I am literally a sweat ball these days. I walk 5 mins out in the sun and I end up smelling like a pig. So I literally carry around a deodorant everywhere.

Lately; I have been using the Nivea whitening deodorant in the Sensitive variant. I am not yet sure about the whitening claim. I like the fact that it has 0 % alcohol. I am a person who shaves my underarm every day and I don’t want to irritate the area with so much alcohol. I like it so far and I will stick to it as long as I find a better one.

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Shampoo: My hair get sweaty like my body during summers and it stings. So I tend to shampoo my hair at least 3 times a week. So a mild shampoo comes in really handy as you don’t want to expose the hair to so much chemicals, but still want to keep the hair fresh.

I have recently rediscovered my love for Garnier Shampoo and since then, I am using their Ultra Blends range. I started with 5 precious herbs variant.It worked really well for my hair. Currently , I am using the Soya milk and almond variant. This one does not make my hair dry. The hair feels so fresh after shampooing. It is free of paraben.

If you want a detailed review on this range , read it here.

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So these are my 5 go to summer essentials which is helping me protect my skin and hair this season.

How are you taking care of your skin this summer?What are your top summer essentials?

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