Night Trek at Narayanagiri

“Climb the mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world”

Now, If you have read my 30 before 30 wish list, Night Trekking was one of the things I wanted to do before 30. When I have put it there on my wish list, I had no clue how it would be. Now I know it. It was an amazing experience and I am glad I did it.

We have planned for our trek during the last week of February. Initially, we have booked  different place through wander trails. At the last moment, it got cancelled and instead they arranged a new trek to Narayanagiri. We were okay with the change as we were all set to do the night trek and do not want to cancel it.

By 9.30 p.m, the pick up van came at our place and we started our trip.We had a tea break at the base camp  and we collected our sleeping bags there. We travelled again for half an hour to reach Narayanagiri Hills.We were given briefing about the trek at the starting point and we were all set to trek.The initial lapse was steep with less rocks to hold on for grip and there were many bushes all around.

I struggled a little to complete that initial lapse as we were not taking any break. After that, we took a short break,  sat for a while and drank water and got ready for the remaining hike.

Now, the bushes are cleared and the small grooves are carved on the rocks as steps. That was a relief. We were asked to keep the sound low as it can attract the wild animals. That seemed so scary and adventurous at the same time.However, we did not encounter with any animals through out the trek. 🙂After 45 mins of hiking, we reached the top of the vast spread hills. It was very chilly and we made a bonfire, gathered around it and sang songs and warmed up our body.

After hours of star gazing, I decided to take a nap inside my sleeping bag. It was my first experience to be inside a sleeping bag on top of a hill with the sky as the roof. Best feeling ever! In the morning, I woke up to the most beautiful sunrise and I cannot even get over it yet. We have walked up on the hill for quite a while,had a look inside the temple on the top of the hill and then got ready for our downhill by 7 A.M.Downhill was pretty easy. We chose a different path, where there were proper steps till half way. We reached the downhill in around 30 mins. We were taken directly to the base camp again and was served with breakfast.We got freshened up there after the breakfast and then we headed to the do the water activities which were a part of the package. We did kayaking and cliff jump and it was totally fun.

After our water activities, we started our return journey and reached our drop point by 2 p.m.

That was the end of an amazing trekking trip and a great weekend.P.S: If you have not read my previous trekking post, read it here;

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Have you been to any  Night trek?? Share your experience!

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