Ooty &Coonor- Day 2&3!!!

Day 2 at Ooty started off really well. The hotel arranged a private tour to Coonor  and we were glad that we don’t need to take an effort to do it all by ourselves. We got ready by 9 and had our complimentary breakfast and was all set for the tour.

Coonor is almost 30 kms away from where we stayed.The cab came by 10 a.m and we started to Coonor. The weather was all perfect with some drizzle at times.First stop was a View point on the way to Coonor where we could see all the villages where the main residents of Ooty, The adivasis lived. These were the community who are mostly involved in agriculture in Ooty. The view was quite good. We also spotted  there one tunnel through which the toy train, which is a UNESCO heritage, passes.view1flower1view2After spending around 15-20 mins, we headed to Coonor. We drove  through the wellington  cantonment region. There was a black tower inside this military region which holds all the name of the soldier who lost their lives during the second world war.Interestingly, as per our guide, many of the movies were shot around those premises as well..

We entered into small steep pathway once we crossed the military region. The roads are so small that hardly a car can pass through. However, vehicles were coming both ways and it was too scary.But the scenery with huge and lush green tea plantation made me feel better.And it’s obvious to have a plantation visit after seeing all this beauty.plantation1We visted Mayur Tea plantation, which is one of the largest tea plantation. The guide gave a decent idea about all the tea processing and green tea making and all that. We walked inside the tea plantation.This was my first experience walking through all the tea trees though I have visited my another hill station with tea plantation.I have even taken photos in that traditional attire women used to pluck tea leaves. It was a super fun experience for me.teaWe were then taken to the Mayur tea outlet, where we got to try different type of teas; masala, chocolate , green tea etc.We managed to get some tea packets and spices from there.

Next,we were going to the Lamb’s rock and the Dolphin nose which are one of the highest peaks there.The view was spectacular, though the places were so crowded.dolphindolphin noseWe enjoyed the brezzy fresh air and the peak view there for quite a long time. Then we decide to go to the town to have some lunch.flower2.jpgThe bad part of the day began then.As I mentioned  earlier, the roads to these places are narrow and steep and with the huge crowd, vehicles start coming from both the sides and the roads got jammed. Literally we got stuck in a huge line of vehicles for more than 3 hours.Finally, once we got out of the traffic, It was already 4 in the evening.We did not have our lunch.

We asked the driver to go straight to the hotel. The Ooty town was also too crowded. We finally reached the hotel by 7 p.m.We, then straight away hit one restaurant and ate so much.We then retired soon to bed as we were all tired after the long day.

The day gave a mixed experience altogether.

Next day(Day 3) was our last day in Ooty. We were so refreshed after the long sleep from the last day.We packed our bags and had breakfast and then decided to explore some places all by ourselves.

We checked out the hotel and decided to go to the Ooty Lake.We walked to lake. No doubt, crowd was high there as well. So we did not other to take a boat ride, instead we walked around and enjoy the lake view. We also took the toy train ride around the lake as well.lake housetoytrain.jpglake view.jpgNo Ooty trip is finished without buying some home made chocolates. We bought a decent varieties of home made chocolates and dry fruits.

We then headed to the bus station, where we got direct bus to Bangalore.We got into the bus and was ready to say good bye to Ooty which gifted us a mixed experience during this trip.



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