Orange is the new Black

Hey Everyone, Hope you are doing good and is all set for the weekend.

I have no plans for this weekend other than running some errands, shopping some gifts for the family and a movie maybe. Well, this seems like a lot of plans  though. 🙂

Anyway, In this post I would like to talk about how my take on colors for my clothing changed drastically over the last year.

My favorite color is Blue and Black. If you had seen my wardrobe in the last year, you could only spot tops or t-shirt mostly in Blue/Black. These two colors complimented my skin tone well and I never bothered to experiment with any other color.

My mother always insist me to buy more colorful clothes, but I have always drawn towards my favorite colors.During the last year, I decided to come out of my comfort level and try some colorful clothes.

I started off with pastel colors and army green colors and I started liking the new change.Then I gradually started experimenting with floral and prints. I am cool with floral prints now. I can carry off it really well. Yet to get confident on the prints.

Over the past couple of months, I started working with fluorescent colors. I can’t tell you guys how much I regret not wearing them till then. I am obsessed with vibrant colors now. Now I own a couple of fluorescent green and orange  tops/ dresses and I always find a reason to wear them often ,if not daily.

This orange Jumper is the one I decided to wear for our last weekend road trip to a water falls in TN. The color of the Jumper is so vibrant and pretty that it brightens up the whole look of the outfit. This is my new Black which I love to wear everywhere 🙂

So If you are someone who are so skeptical about trying out new things, I might say, you should give it a go and see. Unless you try, you never know 🙂

Outfit Details

Orange Jumper: Thrifted

Jeans: Forever 21

Slipons: Max fashion

Beanie: West side stores

Until next time,



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