Weekend Getaway- Pondicherry-Day 1

We were planning for this trip for long as it was a long weekend but our destinations kept changing.Finally, at the last moment, we fixed on Pondicherry and it did not disappoint us 🙂

It was very difficult to book hotels as most of the places were fully booked by the time we finalized on our trip.However, we managed to book hotels and the  KSRTC services for the travel.

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25 Things that make me happy

Happiness is very important to have a beautiful life. If you could see good in every small things, we can be happy all the time.You don’t need to be a billionaire or you don’t need to own a huge mansion to be happy.

Happiness is a choice and we are the only one who can decide on whether to be happy or not.

Here, I am listing out the smaller things in my life which make me happy

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CurrentlyIt’s been huge gap between my last “Currently” post and this one. There was pretty much no change for a long period of time.Even for the book I was reading.:D

So what’s point in scribbling one saying the same things all over again and make you all bored. Make sense right? :). Anyway, I am into new things and thoughts currently and it’s the best time to share that with you guys 🙂

Here We go……….

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