Purple Hibiscus

2017 has been a good year with reading so far and I am glad I could read some of the great works from different authors. This was one of new new year resolution and I am proud of myself that I am doing good with it.

Purple Hibiscus was one of the best books I have read so far. I did not know anything about the author before. The interesting name and cover illustration made me curious to read it and I loved it.

Purple Hibiscus narrates the story about a Nigerian Family who has its own secret. Lot of things gets reveled as you get to see things from Kambili’s ( narrator in the novel) perspective.However, as the story continues we realize that things are more complex than we can ever imagine.

It is a lovely and heart wrenching tale of a teenage girl who grew up in a privileged, yet religiously oppressive family led by a dominant, confused father and a docile, conforming mother.

The book is set in Nigeria where there is political unrest and this plays part in the story line but without being over the top.

The author Adichie has an incredible talent for making the reader lose themselves in the story she has created. The story is really engaging throughout . The writing is very concise and spot on.

All the characters are memorable. But my favorite is the Aunt’s character because I love how Independent and a strong woman she is.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone and I am looking forward to read more Adichie. Because I am obsessed with her writing.

Let me know your thoughts about the book if you have read it already.:)


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