Red Cliff & Beaches- Varkala

Cliff and Beach together.Not so common in India.

Varkala gifts you that surprise. It is so refreshing to be in such a beautiful place.

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Its been almost 7 years in this city and I have never got a chance to see this beauty till now. But this year, I got to visit the place a couple of time .

It’s for my friend’s birthday, we planned a surprise trip for her for the weekend.

Varkala is 30 km away from our place, so we took our bikes for the journey.

We planned to visit Anjengo fort and an Island nearby the fort, which is seldom visited by tourists.

IMG_20150425_144631736_HDR IMG_1632

Fort was small, but it is well maintained. Though the roads to Island were in worst condition, it was worth a one time watch.


After the fort visit, we headed straight to Varkala. We booked the hotel online. Though the hotel and services were miserable, the sea facing rooms were a relief.
Despite the unpleasant hotel, we enjoyed the trip.

It’s a happening place.The Sunset, food, beach view from cliff are quite an experience.Beaches are well maintained.

IMG_1725 IMG_1653

Tourists can engage in various activities like Morning Yoga, Surfing , Paragliding.

Evening, we took ride to a nearby beach in our bike. Altogether,it was a fun weekend with lots of food and drinks.

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Next time, when you plan for a relaxed weekend/ vacation, Consider Varkala. You are going to love it 🙂

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