Sixty Lights

First book of 2017. Sixty Lights By Gail Jones!!!

I randomly got into a store and picked up this book without any  pre-notion about the book or the author.

Sixty Lights  is the story of the girl, Lucy Strange who became an orphan at a young age along with his brother Thomas. After the death of their parents, they  moved with their uncle from Australia . Lucy spend her adolescence life in England and Bombay. 

Lucy Strange gets fascinated by the light and the photographic technology while working in a film making firm in England. The novel takes you into  Lucy’s journey to three continents and her ever growing love for  new photographic technology.

The story is very exotic and captivating, and  Lucy’s character was engaging through out the novel.

However, one thing I felt is, at places , it is little too descriptive.

I loved how Lucy was portrayed as a independent and powerful woman who has control over her destiny in the Victorian Times. 

It is a short read and I enjoyed reading the book.

” I am never nervous” – Lucy Strange

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