Slowing it Down

2018 started off with a slow pace. Actually, I did want to slow it down. Last year went past so fast even before I could really take in everything that happened around me.

This year, I decided to make a change in the lifestyle gradually, living in the moment, cherish every small things and start loving myself more and prioritize things well. I know it is a huge list to accomplish at a go, but I am trying to blend in everything slowly into my daily life. Who else think you need to slow down in life?

The first two weeks of the Year were casual, eventful and productive. Met friends over the weekend, prepared some healthy meals at home, went for jogging for more than 5 days in two weeks, worked on blog content and cleared off a major to-do-list. I am having a more calm and happy mind.

This week, I have picked up a book to read for this month. As I have mentioned  in the last post,I will be reading at least one book a month, this year. I should find some time for that before bed since I am overly obsessed with Netflix off late.I will figure that out. I am happy that way 2018 is going till now.

Coming, to the outfit.. I dress up casually 99% of the time and my style is so simple. So my outfit posts might seems boring to you. But, that’s me:)

As we are in the last phase of the winters, I want to make the most of it wearing my sweaters everywhere. This peach sweater which I got from the West Side Store is a perfect one for the less chilly days and also it can be used as layering piece.

It is very light weight sweater and the fabric is very soft.I decided to pair it with a blue Levis denim and my new white sneakers. I love how effortless and casual the outfit is.Let me know if you like my casual style or do you want me to experiment more on my style?

Hope you are having a great weekend so far 🙂

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