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I am always excited on Fridays, no matter what.

Even though, I have nothing much planned for the weekend, I always look forward for Friday. I can literally spend my whole weekend by just lazing around in my room watching TV shows.

Like most of my weekends, I have not planned anything exciting. But, I am not planning to spend it indoors totally.

First of all, I have some cleaning and laundry to be completed. The Clean Freak inside me wants these to be put in the first place. Probably, this will be followed by organizing my wardrobe(for the 100th time this month 🙁  )

Oh no!  It’s not OCD 🙂 . Still I want things to be organized all the time.

I have to stop by the Tailor for my clothes to get tailored which is waiting in my wardrobe for quite a long time. Hope, I could accomplish that this weekend.

Now, it’s time to have some fun :).

Couple of movies(Bollywood of course!!) are getting released this weekend. So I am planning to watch at least two back to back 😀

I have a great craving for food. Over the week, I was craving for burgers and Grilled Chicken. So I will be hunting for a perfect eat out in my town to get hands on some and fulfill my appetite.

I want you to know that I live in a town which has beaches all over. So,most of the weekend whether planned or unplanned will have a beach visit for sure.

But, It’s always relaxing to be in a beach side, taking a walk along the shore and enjoying the sunset. It will be always refreshing after a hectic week and an energy booster for the week ahead.

What’s a perfect weekend without some shopping .It’s not even end of month, yet am running out of money 🙁 (not a new story though). Still I am planning to have a look into my favourite shops and grab something without hurting my wallet. 🙂

Looks like a perfect weekend ahead 🙂 Hope I  don’t oversleep and ruin all these.

Happy Weekend 🙂

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