The Big Banyan Tree

Hi Everyone! I am back after a short Easter break. The holidays were good.However, Mumbai during summers in not so good. I am back with so much tan, dull face and dry hair. I am already working on that.

Anyhow, Coming back to the post, two weeks before we went for a short bike ride and ended up visiting The Big Banyan Tree.I was not planning to put up a post on this. But, when I put up a picture on Instagram, so many people messaged me asking about the place.

Since, so many of you are curious about the place, I thought its worth writing about it. So here we go…

Big Banyan Tree aka Dodda Aladha Mara is a giant 400 yrs old Banyan Tree with its roots spread over a few acres.It is  almost 28 kms from Bangalore on the Bangalore -Mysore Road. We started our ride from Electronic city and got on the Nice road to the Mysore exit. We reached the place in about half an hour which was quite an easy ride. There are also direct bus services from K.R market to this place.

The tree is spread around a large area and it is protected with a compound wall and gate. There is a  temple right in the middle which is functional. The tree is surrounded with a pavement for walking. The Main trunk got destroyed over the years and the huge tree inhabits many birds and monkeys.

I was really amused by its huge size and how it has grown over the years and still growing. If you are planning for a picnic away from the city chaos, it is the perfect place to be.

About the outfit, I chose a simple airy outfit. Unlike other bike trips, we ditched  our jackets owing to summer heat and kept it simple. I wore my ivory embroidered tunic from Westside and paired with the Jeggings from Chemistry and my Nike sneakers. It turned out to be the perfect outfit for a summer ride.

We spent almost half an hour there, had some South Indian Breakfast on the way and rode back Home.

So, If you feeling so laid back on a weekend and still want to some interesting place near by, Big Banyan Tree is a good option.

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