The Call of the Wild- Jack London

callof wild

The Call of the Wild is an adventurous short Novel by Jack London. It is one of his master piece stories.

Buck, the lead character in the novel is a huge, four year old half-Saint Bernard and half-Scottish shepherd dog.Buck was living a comfortable life with the much civilized area in California’s Santa Clara Valley as a Judge’s Pet until he was  being kidnapped and sold off by one of the Judge’s servant.

Buck was sold in Alaska where dog  were used to haul the heavy sleds through the snow fields.Buck was not used to all this captive life.

The comforts he had back in Santa Clara like the abundant food , warm shelter are replaced by necessities for survival.Buck adapted quickly to his new life style.

The story depicts the  struggle of the Dog to survive and become the leader of the pack in the world he has been exposed to.

Finally, Buck follows the call of the wild and decides to join the wild dog packs.

The  Call of the Wild has many aspects that will appeal to readers of all ages. It is a relatively short story, told primarily from Buck’s point of view.

I would suggest everyone to read this classic and you would love it.

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  1. Thanks for your comments. I was just in California and visited the site of London’s house and the museum his wife set up. The call of the Wild was there in many languages. My blog post coming soon.

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