The Old Man and the Sea-E.Hemingway

The Old Man and the Sea is the story of a struggle between an Old Fisherman and a large Marlin.


The Man was a seasoned Fisherman and now he is aged, he is struggling to get a good catch these days but he still did not loose his hope.

For a long eighty four days, he has set out for sea and returned empty handed.Still he did not loose hope. On the eighty fifth day of his unlucky streak,he sailed to venture in to Gulf streams.By noon, a big Fish Marlin, took the bait he has placed deep in the waters.

After 3 days of continuous struggle and resistance of fish, the old man managed to pull the Marlin and kill it.But the blood of the Marlin attracts the sharks and they starts coming in. The Old man fought against them as much as possible and slayed some of them and lost his harpoon. But by the time , he reached the shore, most f the Marlin has been taken by the sharks.

The next morning, a crowd of amazed fishermen gathers around the skeletal carcass of the fish, which is still lashed to the boat. Knowing nothing of the old man’s struggle, tourists were fascinated by the remains of the giant Marlin.

The story says that man can prove this determination over and over through the worthiness of the opponents he chooses to face.

The Old Man finds the marlin worthy of a fight.The Old Man’s struggle does not enable him to change man’s place in the world. Rather, it enables him to meet his most dignified destiny.

The story is a small one to read, but has a deeper meaning to think through.

The Old Man and the Sea was the last novel Hemingway published before his death. The slim novel received a lot of critical and commercial success.

It was a major factor in Hemingway being awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1953 and the Noble Prize in Literature in 1954.

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