Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace!!!

Tipu Sultan’s palace in Bangalore was the summer residence of Mysorean ruler Tipu Sultan.The palace is located at the centre of Bangalore city near to the famous K.R Market.

Since it was a mid week holiday, we decided to go there as it is closer.T9

T1The structure is made of teak wood, all supported by giant wooden pillars.It is a small palace with beautiful garden surrounded to it.T2


T6T7You could actually completely take the tour of the palace in less than 20 minutes. There are two balconies in the east and west side of the palace in the upper floor where Tipu used to conduct his court.


JpegThe rooms in the ground floor has been converted to a museum which show cases the pictures from Tipu’s adventure life, the swords and the replica of Tipu’s Tiger.JpegThe ticket charges are Rs.15 for Indians and Rs.200 for the foreign tourists.

We walked around the palace and the garden and took some photos. The pictures did not come off well as lighting was not at its best 🙁 .JpegOnce we decided to go back, it started pouring down and we waited at the beautiful corridors for the rain to stop.

It is  small yet a beautiful palace. It’s worth a visit if you are in a mood to relax on a random mid week holiday or if you are in the city with a less hectic  tourist schedule 🙂

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