Top 5 Christmas Movies!!!

During December, everything needs to be festive, even the movies we watch.I do not have a huge list of movies , I have watched. But I have watched a couple of very good ones.This time, I am planning to watch more like one per day 😀

If you are a person who  is lazy and likes to be cozy on the bed during the holidays which I don’t suggest for Xmas by the way, X’mas movies are one thing which will bring all the holiday spirit to you.

If you are finding difficulty in picking from a huge list of X’mas movies out there, let me share my top 5 Christmas Movies .


This comes as no surprise if you have already read my last post. Elf is by far the best X’mas Movie I have ever watched.How can anyone not love Buddy.


I want everyone  to watch this movie and I am sure you will watch this again.

2.It’s a Wonderful Life

I watched this one with so much of reluctance because I did not want to watch a black and white movie. But I do not regret it.  A desperate man tries to suicide on a X’mas eve and a angel was sent to him to save his life by showing how the man helped many people to be happy.


I have not watched the movie as a X’mas movie though it is really inspirational yet festive which will bring tears for sure.

3.Home Alone 

I know, Home alone is everyone’s favourite. I love the first one from the series.


It is fun watching Kevin enjoying his freedom alone at home and how he deals with the burglars who tries to break in to the house on the  Christmas Eve.

4.Jingle All the way

It is a family comedy film where a father promises his son to get a Turbo Man for X’mas and forget to get it and he travels whole town on the Christmas eve to get one.

I loved how Arnold Schwarzenegger acted in such a different role.

5.Love Actually

This is one of the good Rom-Coms which is Christmas Themed. It is the story of different couples and how they deal with their relationships.


It is just a beautiful story and I liked how it make me shed all the happy tears through out the movie.

Have you started watching Christmas Movies? Which one is your favourite? 🙂


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