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I am on a travel break for this month. (Check out the previous blog to know why). But the travel bug inside me keep planning for trips for the weekend and I get reminded that we are not doing it this month.

I started my proper travelling two years ago. Before that, it was mostly the unexpected trips planned by my father which I kind of liked every time and the picnic from school/ college which I hated most of the times.

Ever since, I started travelling my own, I am obsessed with it and I am the happiest when I travel.

Being in an Incredible Country Like India, I have never visited half of the places or states in the country. So I thought to keep a track of the states I have visited. It is a fun check list to maintain and I thought this will make me plan my trips better.


1. Andhra Pradesh ✔
2. Arunachal Pradesh

3. Assam 

4. Bihar
5. Chhatisgarh
6. Goa 

7. Gujarat
8. Haryana 

9. Himachal Pradesh 

10. Jammu & Kashmir
11. Jharkhand 

12. Karnataka 

13. Kerala ✔
14. Madhya Pradesh 

15. Maharashtra 

16. Manipur
17. Meghalaya
18. Mizoram
19. Nagaland
20. Orissa
21. Punjab 

22. Rajasthan 

23. Sikkim 

24. Tamil Nadu 

25. Tripura

26. Uttar Pradesh 

27. Uttaranchal 

28. West Bengal    


Union Territory
1. Andaman & Nicobar Islands
2. Chandigarh
3. Dadra & Nagar Haveli
4. Daman & Diu
5. Delhi
6. Lakshadweep
7. Pondicherry ✔

If you notice, more than half of the states are unchecked. Now, my travels are mostly around the southern states of the country. However, there are more trips planned towards the North and I am excited for it.

Also, I secretly wish I get sponsored for some of the trips 😛

I will keep updating this  once I visit any other state. So do come back to read the update.
How many Indian states have you travelled to? Comment below the place and one thing you love about it.
( P.S: If you have missed to reading my 30 before 30 post, read it here. I am updating it regularly:D)

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