Travel Tips-Hampi!!!

Hampi is a perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore.If you have already read my last post,I was in Hampi for my birthday and spent the weekend there and it was a wonderful weekend.

With my experience from the trip, I would like to share here some of the tips that would actually help to plan your trip more effectively and enjoy the fullest.Here we go…

  • To reach Hampi from Bangalore is quite easy. There is train from the Bangalore KBS,which is an overnight journey. There are luxury buses services from Bangalore to Hampi on a Daily basis.You can go on a road trip in your car/bike as well to Hampi. If you are looking for a cheap one, train is the best.


  • Accommodation is very basic in Hampi. Trust me, the photos shown in the websites are little intimidating.You can get the accommodation in both  sides of the river. I would say the prices shown in the websites are very overpriced for the facilities they offer. So I would suggest to go there and bargain and you can get room from Rs. 150 -500  price range. If you are planning on a peak season, call over the phone and book the accommodation in advance to avoid any last minute chaos.


  • Places to visit in Hampi spread around 30-40 kms. You could either hire a rickshaw or you can rent a bicycle if you are staying for more than 3 days.Rickshaw charges you Rs.400-500 for 3-4 hours tour. You need to bargain here to bring down their price from Rs-700 to Rs-400.Bicycle can be rented on daily basis for around Rs-150 per day. If you are staying for a longer duration, I would suggest Bi-cycle. You can take your time to explore everything.heritage2
  • Food is amazing in Hampi. One side of the river, You get only vegetarian food for the obvious reason that it is around many sacred temples.The other side of the river, the Hippie Island serves both veg and non veg option.Veg or Non-veg, you can get all the different cuisines at both sides of the river, be it Italian, Spanish, Israeli,Continental, Chinese. You name it, they have it there.Everything is so delicious. You should check out the Mango Tree Restaurant and Norgila in Hippie Island if you are there.


  • Plan in advance the places to visit in both sides of the river if strictly on to explore the monuments. You can get overwhelmed by the vast area to be covered and can miss out some important places.If you are on a relaxed vacation, you can take it lightly as well. There is no pressure in covering all the places at a go and you can chill all day enjoying the scenic beauty.


  • The best time to travel is during winters, from November to February. Rest of the time it is mostly summer. So plan during the winter season so that you can have a comfortable trip.heraitage4
  • Plan for a bouldering session and a coracle ride when you are in Hampi. Hampi is famous for bouldering. So you should not miss that.But do with the guidance of some one experienced.

coracle.jpgSo what are you waiting for.Start planning for your next trip to Hampi. There is so much amazing things waiting for you 🙂

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