Weekend Getaway- Ooty &Coonor!!!

It’s so obvious that  long weekends are not complete without a trip. This time, for the Independence day weekend, we planned a trip to Ooty-Coonoor hill station.

If you have done your college in any part of South India,you might have already visited this place for sure.However, I could hardly recollect any memories related to this place from my college time.

Ooty and Coonor are two major hill stations in the Nilgiri District.It is one of the most popular tourist destinations  in South India.It is less than 300 kms from Bangalore which makes it a perfect weekend getaway.

We booked our hotel through MMT and decided to travel in train till Coimbatore and then take bus to Ooty from there.

We had a major fail in planning our travel.Due to long weekends, all the trains and buses were full. We thought of getting tatkal tickets to Coimbatore.With my terrible IRCTC skills, I could not book the tatkal as well.However we managed somehow and it turned out to be an adventurous journey.

Route we have taken –Bangalore-Salem-Coimbatore-Ooty.

We have checked in the hotel around 12  p.m and had our lunch at the Hotel’s Restaurant.We got a very huge, cosy room which was so exciting after a depressing journey. We slept till 5 and got ready to explore the town. It was a chilling weather and we layered our sweater and socks and headed out.

Botanical Garden, which is the main attraction in Ooty was 10 min walk from our Hotel.So we decided to go there.We passed the crazily busy upper bazaar to reach the Garden.

I instantly fell in love with the cute red and white themed entrance and compound walls. The lawns are well maintained and loved all the flower blossoms.garden1Of all the Gardens I have visited, I liked this the most. It was clean, well maintained and pretty.garden2glasshouseWe walked around the garden for some time and it started drizzling suddenly. we got into a shade and and when the rain stopped, we thought of exploring the upper bazaar.garden.jpggarden3I was craving for a hot tea and  chilli bhaji as the weather was so perfect.After our tea, we explored the market. There were fresh fruits and veggies and I could not pass by without tasting them.We just walked around the Tibetan Market where they sell winter stuffs ranging from jackets, shawls, sweaters, socks etc. To be frank, I felt those were little overpriced and the people out there were not ready to bargain.

I managed to buy some succulents where were so cute to ignore. 🙂succuelntMy friend who has a very sweet tooth can’t just pass any Ice cream shop and ended up having ice creams and chocolates.

We decide to have our dinner at Side Walk Cafe which was a famous Cafe in the town. We had a wood fired Paneer Pizza and it was yummy. 😀sidewalkside walk cafeThe first day at Ooty ended really well.We were all excited for exploring Coonor the next day. 🙂

To be continued…..

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