Weekend Getway:Lepakshi!!!

It was last month, when me and my roommate decided to visit Lepakshi which was near to her Town, Hindupur, AP.lepakshi1

Lepakshi is a little village which has some amazing architectures from the 16th century.With only 130 kms(approx) from Bangalore, It is really perfect for a day trip, bike ride or a family picnic.

The history behind the name Lepakshi comes from the times of Ramayana.The bird Jatayu fell down in Lepkashi when trying to protect Sita from Ravan, hence the name Le Pakshi which in Telugu(the Local language) means “Rise Bird”.

As we entered the Village, a Huge Monolithic Nandi statue is spotted from far which is faced to the temple. We first decided to walk to the Nandi and see around. The statue is huge and it is believed to be the second largest monolithic statue in India.Jpegnandi1The place is well maintained with garden and a lotus pond around which is a perfect spot for a family picnic. We walked around the garden and spent some time there.lotus pond.jpgLepakshi temple is  mainly dedicated to Lord Veerabhadra but it has sanctums of Lord Shiva , Ganesha, Naga .My friends bought the coconut and Flowers for the Puja and did puja for the Veerabhadra.

We walked around the inside of temple and saw many small idols of different Gods(which of course I don’t remember now :P).Each pillar in the temple has very distinct carvings which amazes any art lover.lepakshi3And to my amusement, there was one hanging pillar, as the name says it does not touch the ground. You can very well test it with any scarf you have with you. The scarf would slide through the base to the other side.hanging pillar (2).jpgAs we stepped out of the Main Temple building,We encountered the Naga lingeshwara(Seven headed serpent shading above the shiv linga). It was an amazing piece of work from 16th century.nagaThen we walked to the open pier where marriages takes place  and the pillars around it are all carved with amazing sculptors of Gods.pier.jpglepakshi11.jpgWe have walked around the place quite a bit and enjoyed its artistic works on the stones and went back with a peaceful mind 🙂lepakshi5lepakshi10JpegThings to Remember:

  • Remember to carry food with you as there are not much option for restaurants around Lepakshi.
  • Try to avoid the summer months as the heat of AndhraPradesh may leave you with a burn.
  • Take a visit to the Weaving villages like Hindupur nearby and get your hands on some amazing  handloom silk sarees. Luckily, I stayed in Hindupur at my friend’s house and bought some sarees for my mother 🙂

Plan for a ride to Lepakshi on your next trip and I am sure it is going to amaze you with its beauty 🙂

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